Hurdygurdy Creek

Hurdygurdy Creek Property Acquisition – Another 5400 acres (8.4 sq mi) of private land, an inholding within the federally owned Smith River National Recreation Area (SRNRA), is being acquired due to the work of the Smith River Alliance. The land encompasses Hurdygurdy Creek, Little Jones Creek, and the Siskiyou Fork. LEGACY played a small part in this important acquisition by providing a map showing the property’s location in relation to the SRNRA.

The following excerpts are from: Hurdygurdy Creek Project Update. The entire article can be found at:

“In July, the House of Representatives passed the Interior Appropriations Bill reflecting President Obama’s request for $1,000,000 for the purchase of the Hurdygurdy Creek property. This action confirms the national significance of Hurdygurdy Creek and the Smith River as a salmon stronghold. If the Senate and House both agree to this funding, the Smith River Alliance (SRA) will purchase a portion of the property in 2010.

“The American people have an opportunity to protect 5,400 acres of watershed lands along Hurdygurdy Creek, Little Jones Creek, and the Siskiyou Fork. This property includes very significant salmon spawning and rearing habitat as well as recreation lands,” said Grant Werschkull, SRA Executive Director.”These Smith River tributaries are located in the heart of the Smith River National Recreation Area (SRNRA) and the project would bring the last, large block of unprotected private land into the SRNRA.”