South Oregon – Klamath Ecoregion

In 1999 LEGACY expanded its study area to include all of the Klamath ecoregion, a biodiversity hotspot composed of the Klamath River basin and much of the California North Coastal Basin. The Klamath Ecoregion, one of 52 ecoregions, is located in northwestern California and south-central Oregon and consists of all the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean north to the edge of the Smith River watershed. It contains virtually all of the potential natural sites for the Pine-Cypress forest vegetation type and most of the sites for Redwood forest, California mixed evergreen forest, Montane chaparral, and Fescue-oatgrass vegetation types. These five types, combined together, make up more than 50% of the ecoregion. It also encompasses most of the Klamath Economic Zone, which is based on the biology of salmon, a keystone species of the region. In 2002 LEGACY again expanded its study area north to include the Smith River and the Rogue River watersheds.