California North Coastal Basin

We began our work at LEGACY (formerly The North Coast Center for Biodiversity and Sustainability) in 1993 with the California North Coastal Basin (CNCB) as our study area. The CNCB is a geographically, culturally and biologically defined region. The CNCB falls within the California Floristic Province but is also considered part of the Pacific Northwest coastal temperate rain forest region that extends northward into Alaska. The CNCB, a hydrologic region of extreme northwest California, is comprised of all westward-draining watersheds of the northern Coast Ranges between Bodega Bay and Redwood Creek and is here defined to include coastal marine terraces extending northward to Oregon. Major CNCB watersheds include the Russian, Eel, and Mad Rivers, as well as Humboldt Bay and Bodega Bay.

For more background information about these maps, please go to: Focal Species Connectivity in California’s North Coast